Trusted Tours and Attractions

Promoting Quality and Excellence for over 25 years!

Trusted Tours and Attractions sm was established by Historic Tours of America ® in 1999 as its Internet sales division. Historic Tours of America ® has been a leader in the family and heritage tourism industry for over 25 years and owns and operates numerous sightseeing tours, museums and attractions in 6 different U.S. cities.

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Today, Trusted Tours & Attractions provides easy and secure online ticketing for numerous sightseeing tours, attractions and museums. Our “Members” adhere to the same stringent quality control guidelines as Historic Tours of America ®. The Trusted Tours & Attractions logo is an easily recognizable seal of approval that lets our customers know that they’ve chosen a tour or attraction that is “guaranteed to please!”

Every tour and attraction sold by Trusted Tours is reviewed for:

Quality customer service
Outstanding hospitality
Exceptional value
Excellent content
Family oriented material
Well researched scripts and material

Trusted Tours and Attractions members are monitored by our Customer Feedback Program. Every customer that purchases a ticket through TrustedTours is encouraged to rate their experience. This ensures that Trusted Tours & Attractions will continue to sell only the best sightseeing tours, attractions, and museums that our country has to offer.

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