London Pass

London Pass
The London Pass was created to help visitors see more while spending less on their trip to London. The London Pass unlocks the top attractions in the city, including museums, monuments and iconic landmarks, as well as offering an Oyster Travelcard to access the London Transport network.

London Tourist Information – How to Save Money on London Attractions

The London Pass was created in 1999 and has developed over the last 15 years into the must-have sightseeing product for the city.

Since launch, the London Pass has been used by over 2.5 Million Visitors and grows in popularity each year.

For Unlimited Sightseeing Budget in London – Chose the London Pass

In a recent customer survey, over 93% of respondents said they would recommend the London Pass to a friend or family member. We know visitors to the city love the London Pass and our customer satisfaction record is something we are very proud of.

The London Pass is owned and managed by The Leisure Pass Group Ltd, a group of travel and tourism experts driven to help visitors make the most of their holidays/vacations and to see the best of the cities they visit for less.

Using their expert knowledge of cities and tourism, the Leisure Pass Group team have created The London Pass, a product which includes free entry to over 60 popular attractions in the city as well as other benefits and additional products like a Travelcard and Dining Guide.

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