Latest Developments in Ukraine: May 18

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The latest developments in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. All times EDT:

12:o1 a.m.: During an interview with VOA Ukrainian Service, Mariupol’s Mayor, Vadym Boychenko, spoke of the courage of the Ukrainian forces who defended the besieged city:


“There is still a Ukrainian flag over Mariupol. And they were doing it against the powers that were dozen times stronger. They were working professionally, almost without food or water. Without [much] weapons. They were staying strong, there are awarded heroes among them, including Denys Prokopenko who was in charge of this defense of Mariupol and many others. It is also important to understand that they were not only holding Mariupol, but they’ve held back an immense power of 20-30 professional Russian military, it is the best Russian forces that were sent to assault Mariupol, and they didn’t go through Mariupol, they’ve stopped around Mariupol. And it has allowed the other [Ukrainian] military groups, other cities to better prepare for this war.”


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