Canada Imposes Sanctions on Venezuelan Officials

Canada announced Friday that it was imposing sanctions on key figures in the regime of Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro.

Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland said in a statement that the measure was meant to be a clear message that anti-democratic behavior has consequences.

The behavior in question is Maduro’s appointment last month of an assembly of loyalists with power to rewrite the constitution and supersede the opposition-controlled National Assembly.

The Canadian sanctions target 40 people involved with Maduro’s government, including Maduro himself.

Canada said the targeted officials “played a key role in undermining the security, stability and integrity of democratic institutions of Venezuela.”

The sanctions freeze any assets those individuals may have in Canada. Canadian citizens are also banned from doing business with the targeted officials.

The Trump administration has already applied financial sanctions against the country and has not ruled out military intervention. Maduro has blamed Venezuela’s financial problems on an alleged “economic war” by domestic opponents and the United States.

Latin American governments have called for negotiations to resolve the Venezuelan crisis through a peaceful transition to democracy,  without the use of military force.


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